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John Doe Shareholder Letter Example To A Manipulated Company

To the CEO/Board/President of
Any Manipulated Company

Dear Sir(s):

I am a shareholder of __________________.

After reviewing certain public trading data, reported short interest, price and related data
points, it is clear to me that the common stock of ___________ is being manipulated in various
ways, including, but not limited to, the issuance of phantom shares that are sold but not delivered.

It is my belief that you as an (officer or director) of the company owe each shareholder a
duty to determine (as soon as reasonably possible) who is committing these illegal acts against the

In that regard, it is my understanding from James “Wes” Christian that he believes he along
with a company named ShareIntel (from Connecticut) have a proprietary system that allows them
to determine (with a high degree of certainty) who has been (is) selling stock of ______ and not
delivering it.

These illegal activities have substantially damaged me and my fellow shareholders. As
such, I believe it is imperative you contact ShareIntel attention David Wenger, CEO, immediately
to discuss retaining his services. His contact information is as follows:

David E. Wenger
President & CEO
Shareholder Intelligence Services
151 Rowayton Avenue
Rowayton, CT 06853
203-838-4200, x 201
203-855-1571 Fax

Please consider this as an initial step of identifying who is illegally defrauding shareholders
by selling stock they do not have and don’t deliver.

Very truly yours,

John Doe

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