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Interview with David Wenger of ShareIntel



12 31 2022 Naked Truth Profit and Loss 12 31 2022 Naked Truth Balance Sheet

John Doe Shareholder Letter Example To A Manipulated Company


To the CEO/Board/President of Any Manipulated Company Dear Sir(s): I am a shareholder of __________________. After reviewing certain public trading data, reported short interest, price and related data points, it is clear to me that the common stock of ___________ … Read More

Some Companies & Their Contact Information


1. AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (“AMC”) Corporate Headquarters: 11500 Ash St, Leawood, KS 66211 (913) 213-2000 (877) 262-4450 (Guest Services) Contact Information: John Merriwether Vice President, Investor Relations AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. 11500 Ash Street Leawood, KS 66211 (866) 248-3872 … Read More Donates 20% Of Profits To To Stand Against Market Manipulation

| Start Streaming 12/3/21 Or See In Theaters. The film, The Paradigm of Money, opens in Los Angeles Friday December 3rd at the Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood, California for the qualifying round of the Academy Awards Feature Documentary competition To help bring … Read More

The Paradigm Of Money Documentary Film Exposes Systemic Corruption In Financial Markets

|   Dec 2, 2021,05:40pm EST| The Paradigm Of Money Documentary Film Exposes Systemic Corruption In Financial Markets   Edward Siedle Contributor Listen to article4 minutes The Paradigm of Money documentary exposes that due to corporate greed, widespread systemic … [+] … Read More

Ep.55 Live from the Vault: Wall Street exposed! Hollywood special


This week, Andrew Maguire sits down with ‘The Paradigm of Money’ director, Peter Antico, and narrator, Sean Stone, for a deep dive into the failings at the heart of the American financial system. The trio take aim at market manipulation … Read More

Wes Christian Tells The Truth About Predatory Short Selling


  An eye-opening interview with Wes Christian by Terry Lynch, Founder of “Save Canadian Mining” @

r/Superstonk Live AMA for Wes Christian


Welcome to the official r/Superstonk Live AMA for Wes Christian, legal advocate for financial reform! Join us as Dave Lauer hosts and u/jsmar18 moderates a discussion with questions influenced by and taken directly from the AMA post on r/Superstonk.

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